Better College Experiences May Lead to Better Grades

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There's a general assumption that environment and experiences have a huge impact on the way a person's life unfolds. Children that grow up in loving and supporting homes tend to do well psychologically, financially, and emotionally as adults. A recent report by the Student Experience Project found that the same thinking could be applied to college students and the way they react to their environments. The study found that college students who were placed in supportive and nurturing environments with attentive and present professors tended to thrive both mentally and academically.

What Did the Student Experience Project Reveal?

Two hundred ninety-five faculty members from six universities were sent to professional development workshops that helped them learn a new way of teaching. They adopted completely new classroom practices that focused less on strict, traditional adherence to curriculum and more on helping students focus on self-discovery and growth while providing them with a sense of safety and belonging. They also revamped their syllabi and created a more welcoming, inclusive environment.

The faculty members then went back to their schools and put their new learnings into practice. The Experience Project then collected feedback from over 10,000 students taught by these faculty members during the 2020-2021 academic year.

The number of students reporting an overall positive experience increased by over 10 percent from the prior year. There was a significant improvement in the experiences of people of color and women, with some numbers reflecting over a 25 percent increase in satisfaction over the previous year. Not only did the students report overall positive experiences, but they also received better grades overall. The percentage of students receiving a D, F, or withdrawing from classes fell by 26 percent in the fall of 2020 and by 18 percent in the spring of 2021 compared to prior years.

What Happens to College Students Who Don't Have This Experience?

The project highlighted the importance that a supportive environment plays in the way that students experience college. Supportive, nurturing environments that make students feel welcome result in exponentially better experiences for all involved. On the flip side, it also highlighted the possible reasons that many students struggle and fail during college.

When students feel unsupported at school, it's only natural that their grades and overall college experience may suffer. Many students who've gone through the academic discipline process at their colleges or universities may have benefitted from professors and faculty members who'd gone through training similar to the type of training that faculty members received from the Student Experience project.

Students who feel disconnected from their colleges or universities may find it easier to slip into situations where they'll do anything to get good grades or keep their scholarships, including cheating. Feeling disconnected from a non-responsive or aloof faculty can lead to students feeling isolated and lost when it comes to grades and their behavior, creating the perfect recipe for academic disciplinary issues. Students dealing with these issues run the risk of probation, suspension, and even expulsion.

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