University Expulsion Case Dismissed

Words can not describe how much Mr. Lento helped me in my darkest hour. Because of a "racist" comment that I made on social media according to my classmates, they reported me to the dean of the school to get me expelled one month before graduation. They took my comment out of context and sent it to multiple influential alumni and preceptors that I had had during my time at my program. Those alumni then emailed the school en mass with one purpose: to destroy my reputation and make sure that I could never have any chance of a professional career. One of my classmates who had been talking to the dean told me that I was going to get kicked out of the program. Hopeless, I started looking for a lawyer. My in-laws found Mr. Lento and I reached out to him. Immediately he took my case. He took the proper steps to reach out to the school as soon as he could. After he touched base with the lawyer at my school, I was never contacted again by my program. I graduated and passed my boards. Mr. Lento saved my career. Please do not hesitate to let this man help you. He knows what he is doing and will FIGHT for you.

– Austin E.